6 Weeks to AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance

A 6-Week Roadmap for Implementing AI GRC Policies Across Your Enterprise

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Konfer revolutionizes the way enterprises handle AI GRC, bridging the gap between cutting-edge AI applications and strict GRC requirements.

As an all-encompassing AI GRC solution, Konfer empowers enterprises with a structured, accountable AI posture, ensuring rigorous compliance with internal standards and external legal requirements — in as little as 6-weeks.

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Challenges in implementing AI GRC Policies
Understanding Complexity and Transparency
Understanding Complexity and Transparency

AI algorithms, especially those based on deep learning, are often seen as "black boxes" due to their complex nature, making it challenging to comprehend their decision-making process. This lack of transparency complicates the development and implementation of effective GRC policies.

Compliance with Evolving Regulations
Compliance with Evolving Regulations

As governments around the world develop new regulations to control AI use, businesses must adapt their AI GRC policies to stay compliant. This becomes especially challenging due to the dynamic nature of these regulations and the global nature of many businesses.

Ensuring Transparency in AI GRC

By systematically identifying, understanding, and mitigating potential risks associated with AI assets — including models, data, apps, and actionable directives — Konfer AI GRC promotes transparency, security, and continuous AI GRC.

Konfer AI GRC is the key to turning the challenges of AI GRC into strategic advantages, safeguarding business ecosystems from emerging threats and solidifying trust in AI operations.

6 Weeks to AI Governance, Risk, and Compliance

Step into the future of AI GRC with Konfer.

Week 1
Kickstart your Konfer Journey

Kickstart your Konfer experience by obtaining access to Konfer AI GRC and exploring Konfer’s dashboards and Scores with pre-seeded assets, policy, and regulatory controls, providing you with a holistic view of your current AI stance. Through the Measure and Manage workflow, you'll delve into root cause analyses for risk factors, answer control questions, and observe real-time improvements in your AI posture.

Week 2
Customize your Policy Controls

This week is about making your AI GRC truly yours. You will supply your desired or bespoke policy documents, which will allow Konfer AI GRC to work closely with your organization to generate and validate unique controls. These tailor-made policy controls will then be uploaded into your Konfer AI GRC instance, integrating seamlessly into your AI GRC structure.

Week 3 - 5
Enhance your AI Posture and Expand Discovery of AI Assets

With new policy controls in place, you'll see an updated AI posture for your existing assets. We will continue to use the Measure and Manage workflow to keep improving your posture. Konfer will also generate reports on an AI asset, your overall AI posture, or your posture in relation to a specific policy set.

We will use these weeks to import new AI assets into the Konfer system, and we will work with you to enable discovery of specific assets from your Machine Learning infrastructure, and validate the correctness of the extraction and knowledge graph representation in your Konfer AI GRC instance.

Week 6
Validate and Visualize your Enhanced AI Posture

In the final week of the onboarding process, you'll upload more critical documentation about your new assets to Konfer AI GRC. By utilizing GenAI and manual techniques, Konfer AI GRC will analyze and answer control questions. After verifying the correctness of the answers with Konfer AI GRC, you'll get to see the updated AI posture for these assets.

Onwards from Week 6
Apply a “Governance-by-Design” approach to your AI ecosystem

Armed with an overall view of your AI posture, you can now apply a Governance-by-Design approach to your entire AI ecosystem where you can proactively score your AI applications, data, and models to: 1) maintain compliance at the app, model, and data level; and 2) stay compliant in an ever-changing regulatory landscape.

Kickstart your 6-week journey towards proactive AI GRC with Konfer

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